Use the Config tab in Self Service SAML to modify details of the identity provider connection.  Details include how to initiate the connection and associate any data tags with the connection.

When you upload a metadata XML file in the Metadata tab, the values in this tab pre-populate with the information from that upload. You can skip the Config tab in your connection setup unless you intend to customize the settings.

If you've manually-configured the connection with the relevant metadata details, configure the connection details.

The Config tab for the Single Sign-On feature in the Administration console.  Default settings display for the HumanResources connection.  The Entity ID value is not specified.
  1. In the Config tab, use the Initiated drop-down to specify how users first connect with the single sign-on portal. Options are:
    • SP-Initiated (users access Anaplan first)
    • IDP-Initiated (users access the identity provider first)
  2. (Optional) Customize the Entity ID for use by the identity provider (IdP).
    The Entity ID is included in the SAML request. Optionally, customize this value to provide additional information for your IdP about the user.
  3. (Optional) Specify a Data Tag.
    This specifies what appears in the Tag column in the list of connections. Use this option to offer a visual indicator of the IdP you use for single sign-on (for example, Okta).
    The data tag values cannot contain spaces.  Multiple values must be comma-delimited.

Read-only values

This tab also displays: 

  • the Service Provider URL.
    This is a system-generated URL used to access Anaplan.  This is also known as a Friendly URL.
  • the Assertion Consumer Service URL.
    This is a read-only value that refers to the URL the SAML assertion needs to be directed to. It's required as a configuration parameter when you set up Anaplan as the Service Provider in your IdP settings.


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