1. Modeling
  2. Line items
  3. Line item subsets
  4. Line item subset example
  5. Example: Create REP06 Variance Report module

As part of the line item subset example, create a variance report module called REP06 Variance Report. You add this module to a card on a UX page so you can see the variance per country.

Note: See Line item subset example for the complete list of steps.

In the module, put the line item subset LIS: Multi-variance report on Rows, line items on Columns, and the G2 Country list, and the Users list on Pages. The Time dimension does not apply to this module because we want to see the difference between months. 

Add the following line items:

FormatFormulaApplies To
REP06 Variance Report 

G2 Country, Users, LIS: Multi-variance reporting
Month 1Number'REP05 Variance Report Staging'.Data[LOOKUP: 'SYS11 Time Variance Reporting'.'Month 1']
Month 2Number'REP05 Variance Report Staging'.Data[LOOKUP: 'SYS11 Time Variance Reporting'.'Month 2']
VarianceNumber'Month 2' - 'Month 1'
% VarianceNumber:
Variance / 'Month 1'


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