1. Modeling
  2. Control user access within models
  3. Selective Access
  4. Enable Selective Access for a list

As a workspace administrator, you can enable Selective Access for a list.

Selective Access enables you to assign access to a list, or its list items, on a user-by-user basis.

If you want to limit access to specific cell data in modules and dashboard grids, consider Dynamic Cell Access instead.

Note: once you enable Selective Access, users will only have access to the list and its list items if you assign them access in the Users pane.

Enable Selective Access

To enable Selective Access for a list, go to General Lists and select the checkbox in the Selective Access column for the list.

Alternatively, go to the Configure tab for the list and select the Selective Access Enabled checkbox.

Disable Selective Access

If you want to disable Selective Access, deselect either:

  • the Selective Access column for the list in General Lists
  • the Selective Access Enabled checkbox in the Configure tab for the list


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