Selective access enables workspace administrators to restrict access to lists and list items on a user-by-user basis. 

If you want to limit access to specific cell data in modules and dashboard grids, consider Dynamic Cell Access instead.

When you enable Selective access for a list:

  • Read column and a Write column display in the Users tab of the Users pane.
  • Read column and a Write column display in the Grid View of the list.

You can then use these columns to assign read and write access.

Read access enables users to view, but not amend, the list or list item data.

Write access enables users to both view and amend the list or list item data.

By default, once you enable Selective access, no users have access. Workspace administrators can still open the list to view and amend list items. Other users cannot read or write to the list until you assign them read or write access.

In Users , Read and Write columns display for the lists to which you've enabled selective access. You can then select list items in the columns to assign access to users.

In Grid View for the list, Read and Write columns display against rows for the list items, and you can select users to have access to each list item.

Note: Whether Selective Access is preserved in model-to-model imports depends on your access rights in both the source and target model and your status as a workspace administrator.