1. Data integration
  2. Anaplan Data Integration
  3. CloudWorks
  4. Set your Azure account

You set your Azure storage account to integrate with your Anaplan models via CloudWorks.

You should be familiar with Azure storage accounts, containers, and blobs.

You can either create a new Azure storage account(opens external page) or use an existing one. Shared access signature (SAS) is a URL that grants restricted access. Use the SAS when you want to grant access to storage account resources for a specific time range. With SAS, you need not share your storage account key. An example account configuration is below:

  1. Create or open an Azure storage account.
  2. Select your services, resource types, and permissions.
  3. Enter your permission Start and End, dates, and times.
  4. Select the time zone from the drop-down list.
  5. Enter the Allowed IP addresses.
  6. Select your preferred routing tier (Basic, Microsoft network, or Internet routing).
  7. Select your Signing key from the drop-down list.
  8. Click Generate SAS and connection string.
Azure Shared access signature dialog to generate SAS and connection string.

The SAS and connection strings display.

SAS container level tokens and URLs blurred for security reasons.

Note: The SAS tokens need to be generated at either the storage account or container levels.