You need to have an Azure Blob account to create a new connection to this cloud source.

You need to know your Azure storage account , shared access signature (SAS) token , and container name to proceed. 

  1. Select Connections from the menu. 
  2. Select New connection.
    The Connect to a service dialog displays. 
The Connect to a service dialog. The dropdown choices are Amazon S3, Azure Blob,Google BigQuery, PlanIQ, Salesforce and Predictive Insights.
  1. Select Azure Blob from the dropdown.
    The dialog box expands below.
  2. Complete the dialog entries:
    • Enter a new Connection name. Use a unique name that starts and ends with a letter or number. You can include spaces, hyphens (-), and underscores (_), but no other special characters.
      The limit is 60 characters. 
    • Enter your Storage account name.
    • Enter your SAS token.
    • Enter your Container name.
  3. Click Connect to save your settings for this connection.

Also see: Create SAS tokens for your storage containers .


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