1. Data integration
  2. Third-party Data Integration
  3. Anaplan Connector Power BI Desktop
  4. Run an export action

Anaplan connector for Power BI leverages export actions to download data from your Anaplan model. Ensure that you have an export action set. The Navigator step is where you load and run your saved export actions. 

When you run an export action:

  • Only exports that output .csv and .txt files are supported.
  • With every export action run, you need to wait 10 minutes to repeat the same export action. The time is calculated from one export run completion until the next export run begins. The 10 minute wait does not apply to different exports.
  • If you do not see the export action in the Power BI connector, check your model role and the export actions in your model.

To run an export action, use the Navigator dialog to locate your export.

Run Export Action and Load.
  1. Search your Anaplan models to find and set your export.
    Click the white chevron, it expands to a drop-down list.
    You can also locate for your model name via the search field.
  2. Check the box next to ƒx Run Export Action to select your export.
    • When you select the ƒx Run Export Action, this does not trigger the export run. Instead this selection downloads the last version of the exported Anaplan data for preview.
    • A preview displays in the right panel. If the Anaplan export is set to Admins only, model users may see a blank preview, but the export will run as normal. 
    • You'll see the preview the next time you set an integration with same export. 
    • See About Default Import and Export files.
  3. Click Load. This triggers the export run.

The Load dialog displays. 

Load dialog for data.

Your data loads.