1. Modeling
  2. Model actions
  3. Imports and exports as actions

When a workspace administrator creates an import or export anywhere in a model, they can choose to set a default file for the import or export. This enables workspace administrators to run the action again from the Actions   pane.

Only workspaces administrators have access to the Actions pane. However, once you save an import with a default file, you can publish an import to a dashboard. This enables non-workspace administrators with appropriate access rights to run the import from a button.

A workspace administrator can also add an export action saved with default file to a process. They can then publish the process to a dashboard.

Non-workspace administrators can also export data, or import new items to an existing list, from the Data menu on dashboard grids.

Import and export file settings

When a workspace administrator sets up an import or export, they can choose to save it as a private or default file. If you save the file as a default file, you can also choose whether everyone can run the action, or only administrators.

The import or export displays in the Actions pane, and enables workspace administrators to run the import or export again, without the need to reupload an import file or configure settings. Imports and exports that use a private file can only be run by the user who created the action.

If you do not access a private file at least once every 48 hours, the file is removed.

If an import or export file is private, the action still displays in the Actions tab, but when you try to run the action a notification advises that you lack authorization.

You can publish private imports to a dashboard, but only the workspace administrator who created the import can run the action from the dashboard button.

Note: You can export without saving a default file. In this case, the export does not display in Actions and cannot be run again. Exports of dashboards also do not save as actions in the Actions pane. You can run these from the Export button in the dashboard toolbar.

Access for import and export actions

In order to run an import, your model role must have Selective Access to the target module, list, or line items into which you want to import data. If you do not have dynamic cell access to some of the data in an import, those cells do not update, but the rest of the data imports.

Similarly, you must have access to the module, list, or line items from which you want to export data. If you do not have Selective Access or dynamic cell access to some of the data, you can still run the export, but any data to which you lack access is not included in the export.

Edit the data source for an import action

When you set up an import action, an import data source is saved in the target model. The import data source defines options for how the source data imports when the import action runs.

You can edit the data source for an import action, or upload a new source file, in the Import Data Sources tab of the Actions pane.


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