Once you save your single sign-on (SSO) connection, Anaplan generates information for you to share with your identity provider (IdP) as part of the configuration process.

Anaplan information includes:

  • a URL to a metadata file for the Anaplan service provider information
  • an Anaplan X509 certificate for you to share with your IdP
  • a service provider sign-out URL
  • an Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL

Anaplan requires that your identity provider:

  • sign all SAML responses
  • support urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress as the NameIDFormat

Note: If you want to enable response encryption, you can use the same certificate that you use for signed requests.

To access your details:

  1. In Administration, navigate to Security > Single Sign-On.
  2. Select your IdP connection.

Your service provider information is:

Service Provider informationSelf-service TabDescription
Anaplan X509 CertificateMetadataIf your IdP validates the certificate used for the connection, download this certificate and provide it to your identity provider.
Assertion Consumer Service URLConfigAlso known as a Destination or Recipient URL. If you need to manually provide this URL to your IdP, use this value.
SP Metadata XML URLMetadataProvides most of the details of your single sign-on configuration in Anaplan. Use this URL to import this information into your IdP through their interface.
SP Sign-out URLMetadataIf you need to manually provide a sign-out URL to your IdP, use this value.



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