In Anaplan, a page builder with workspace administrator role can manage role-based access to pages within an app.

By default, all users with access to the source model have access to a page. As a workspace administrator, you can restrict access through the Manage access option in an app. Access to individual pages can also be managed from within the page, using the Page settings option. However, Manage access offers the added benefit of a centralized view to manage access to all pages within an app.

Please note that any source model must already contain model roles. If no roles have been created in the model, you will not be able to restrict access to the page. Workspace administrators can add model roles in the Users pane of a model.

You can also restrict access to a page from within the page itself.

To manage access to a page:

  1. From the Apps screen, select the app for which you want to manage access.
  2. In the Manage this app () dropdown menu, select Manage access.
    The Manage access screen displays.
the Manage access screen displays a list of available pages in an app. On the right-hand side, the current role assignments for the selected page display in a panel.
  1. Navigate and select the page for which you want to manage access by clicking on its line. Clicking on the page name will open the page in Anaplan, in a separate tab.
    The right-hand side panel displays the access permissions.
    • If set to All roles have access, all users with access to the source model will be able to access the page.
    • If set to Restrict access a list of roles available for that page will display underneath the option, based on the existing roles contained in the source model. As the Full Access role requires unrestricted access, you cannot remove access for the Full Access role. You can only restrict your own role if you have enabled multiple source models for the page.
  2. To restrict access to the page for specific roles in your organization, select the Restrict roles radio button.
  3. Select which roles will have access to the page by clicking the checkbox next to each role name.
    • Type a role name in the Find field to search for a particular role within the full list.
      Results for your search term display.
    • Click Select all to change a prior configuration in which you've selected some roles and deselected others.
      All roles are selected.
  4. Click Update, in the bottom-right corner of the panel.
    A message displays the outcome of the update.

You can repeat the process for as many pages as you require, without leaving the Manage access screen.


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