1. Anaplan User Experience
  2. Build apps and pages in the User Experience
  3. Display data
  4. Synchronization
  5. Configure a hierarchy filter

You can configure a hierarchy filter on a board or a worksheet.

This ensures that changes to a card or grid cascade to other elements on a page.

To configure a hierarchy filter:

  1. In designer mode, add a grid card or a chart card to the page.
  2. Choose a saved view to display on the grid, where the underlying view does not have a selection applied to it.
  3. Click Next.
  4. On the left panel, under Rows or Columns, select the Hierarchy filter you want to configure. 
Card designer dialog with rows hierarchy filter toggled on.
  1. Toggle on or off.
    The hierarchy filter is configured.
    Note: If a hierarchy filter is disabled, it is grayed out and an i icon displays. Hover your cursor over the i to display a tooltip that explains why the filter is disabled. 
The tooltip explains that hierarchy filters are disabled when the underlying view has a selection applied.
  1. Repeat step 3 to configure any other hierarchy filters that display in the left panel.
  2. Click Publish in the top right of the screen to save your changes.