1. Extensions
  2. Google Sheets Add-on
  3. View and edit Anaplan data in Google Sheets

Once a Google worksheet has been connected to an Anaplan module, the data is displayed in Google Sheets.

You can view and work with your data in the familiar Google Sheets environment.

The Google Sheets Add-on enables you to create either a read-only connection or a read-write connection between Google Sheets and Anaplan.

If your worksheet has a read-only connection you can edit Anaplan data in Google Sheets, but the source data in Anaplan is unchanged.

If your worksheet has a read-write connection, you can edit your data and update Anaplan with your changes using Send and refresh.

Only the connection owner for a particular spreadsheet can:

  • refresh or send and refresh a connection,
  • preview connection details, or
  • change the page selection.

If you're not the connection owner you can still view and edit data as normal in Google Sheets. 

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