Save a card to the template library so that it can be reused on other pages.

Cards be reused across apps, in pages that share the same model.

To save a card to the template library:

  1. On a page in designer mode, hover your cursor and click the ellipsis ().
    A menu of options displays above the card.
A worksheet in designer mode. Menu options display above a card. The Save card as template option is selected.
  1. Click Save card as template.
    The Save card as template dialog displays, with the card name pre-entered.
  2. Optionally, in the Name field, edit the name for the card template.
    Avoid icons, emojis, or any other special characters in names. They may render inconsistently across different browsers and make text unreadable.
  3. Click Save.
    By default, the new template displays at the end of the existing templates. Refresh the page to display the templates in alphabetical order.


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