You've chosen either basic authentication or Anaplan SSO.

(1) If you chose Basic auth, from the Anaplan dialog:

The Anaplan Connect dialog. Here you enter your User name and Password.
    • Enter your User name and Password.
    • Select Connect.
    • Proceed to the next step, Get data.

(2) If you chose Organizational account (SSO), from the Welcome to Anaplan dialog:

      • Select Log in with Single Sign-on (SSO).

(3) On your company's SSO dialog, enter your:

      • User name
      • Password

(4) Select Sign In

Note: Your company's SSO service generates this dialog. A common ID management service is Okta. 

Sign In dialog for Okta. Okta is one example of a likely identity management tool.

(5) Select Connect on the next Anaplan dialog.

The Connect dialog for the Anaplan Power BI connector.

You're ready to proceed to the Get data step.


We update Anapedia regularly to provide the most up-to-date instructions.