Use Conditional formatting to color-code cells based on a predetermined set of rules.

Note: You must save a view of your module to retain conditional formatting.

Colors are shaded gradually between the minimum and maximum numerical values you set. Values that exceed the maximum are given the maximum color. Values less than the minimum are given the minimum color. 

To apply conditional formatting to a module:

  1. Open the Conditional formatting dialog box. 
    • In a module, select Conditional formatting from the toolbar. You can also navigate to Format in the toolbar, then select Conditional formatting in the dropdown menu. 
    • In a dashboard, select the dropdown arrow in the top-left corner of the grid. From the dropdown menu select Format and then Conditional formatting
  2. Select the New Rule button and then, select the line item you want to format, from the dropdown menu. 
  3. From the dropdown menu, select the line item that contains the numerical values the color-code should be based on. By default it is the same as the line item you want to format. 
  4. Choose the values and colors. You can:
    • Select a 2-color scale and set the Minimum and Maximum values. 
    • Select a 3-color scale and set the Minimum, Mid-point, and Maximum values
  5. Optional step: Change the colors you want to use from the color dropdown menu. 
  6. Select OK to save your rule.
  7. Select the Enable Conditional formatting checkbox, in the bottom-right corner of the Conditional formatting dialog box. 
  8. Select OK to apply your rule. 

To remove the conditional formatting rule, deselect the checkbox to the left of Conditional formatting , in the toolbar.