You can automatically update the envelope documents' status within your Anaplan model.

To enable automatic updates:

  1. Slide the Automatically update Anaplan toggle button to the right.
The toggle button to Automatically update Anaplan.

You get this confirmation message:

    • You started automatic “document status” updates. Documents’ status will update in your models recurrently.

If you turn off the toggle, you get this confirmation:

    • You stopped automatic “document status” updates. Use the Refresh button to update manually.
  1. When you turn on automatic updates, your documents' status will update your Anaplan models in Anaplan as of April 20, 2022. Any workflows date-stamped before April 20, 2022 will not automatically refresh. In such cases, use manual status refresh.
  2. Automatic status refresh applies to all the workflows that you set yourself. It does not impact workflows triggered by others in your Anaplan tenant. The auto-refresh updates your documents' status within Anaplan every 30 minutes. There may be minor variations based on:
      • The number of active workflows
      • The number of envelopes (sent documents) under each workflow