Preview an envelope before you send it to check it's set up correctly.

The details of the envelope are displayed in a table. Here you can identify all recipients, their roles, and the signature order you defined in the DocuSign template. To apply data and choose recipients stored in a different Anaplan dimension, you can select them here.

To preview and send an envelope:

The Workflows dialog with Preview and send highlighted.
  1. Select Workflows from the top-left menu.
  2. Select Preview and send, or from the ellipsis (...) on the right.
  3. Once the envelope is loaded, select Send with DocuSign. This is an opportunity for a final review of your envelope set-up. Your selected columns are filled with data from your Anaplan model.
    Note: This button only displays if there's at least one valid email address and a recipient's name.
    A preview dialog displays. 
  4. Select Send with DocuSign  in the top-right.
    A Sent Documents dialog displays the progress of the documents.
  5. Select Close.
Dialog for a workflow send in progress.

See Create an envelope