Model builders can copy data in bulk between versions in a model. For example, you can copy all data from a forecast to a revised forecast.

Note: This functionality is not available in Polaris.

If you want to schedule your bulk copy, repeat it, or add it to a process, you can set up a Bulk copy action

Warning: If you bulk copy a version, the target version’s data is overridden.

To bulk copy versions:

  1. Select Versions in the model settings bar.
  2. Select Bulk Copy.
  3. Select Versions in the dropdown, then select a Source member and a Target member.
    Note: The source member's modules also transfer to the target member when you process the copy.
  4. Select OK.

In Versions , you can also copy list items in lists. For example, if you want to transfer a product's price and net profit to another product in the Products list, use Bulk Copy. Select the list that contains the list items you want to copy in the dropdown in step 3, then follow the remaining procedures.