Workspace administrators can create an action that copies line item data in bulk between versions, time periods, or list items within a model.

Workspace administrators can also bulk copy data in the Versions pane. However, if you set up a bulk copy action, you can:

  • Schedule the action.
  • Add the action to a process.
  • Run the action from a dashboard.

As you only need to set the action up once, it also saves you time when you want to run the action again.

Note: Only workspace administrators can set up or run a bulk copy action.

When you set up the action, you choose either Versions, Time, or a list to copy data within. You can copy data between one version and another, as each version is an item within the versions dimension. However, you can only copy data between list items within the same list.


An accounts manager wants the current week to always be the Actual version in their model, and the week before to be the Previous version. Without an action to do this, a workspace administrator would need to use Bulk copy in the Versions pane to copy the data 52 times a year.

As a workspace administrator, you can create a bulk copy action to move data from the Actual version to the Previous version. You can then schedule the action to run once a week with an integration, such as Anaplan Connect.


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