1. Dashboards and Visualization
  2. Dashboards
  3. Dashboard Element Management
  4. Publish to a Dashboard
  5. Publish a process to a dashboard

Publish a process to add it to a dashboard as a button. To run the process, click the button.

  1. Go to Model Settings > Actions, and select the process.
  2. Click View > Publish to Dashboard, and choose the target dashboard. This can be an existing dashboard, or a new dashboard.
    The dashboard opens with the new process button at the bottom of the Dashboard Designer canvas.
  3. Drag the button into position with the Move handle.
  4. Click Save & Exit on the dashboard toolbar. The process button is now visible on the dashboard.
    Note: to rename a process that is published to a dashboard, remove the process from the dashboard, rename the process, then add the process to the dashboard.