You can publish a list as a page selector to enable users to select a list item as the context for other dashboard elements. For example, if you edit a list property from a dashboard, it's useful to select the list item for which you want to amend the property.

You must be a workspace administrator to publish list properties as page selectors on a dashboard. You must also have a model role with access to the list that contains the properties you want to publish.

To publish a list as a page selector:

  1. Go to General Lists () and open the list you want to publish in grid view
  2. Select the View menu.
  3. Select Publish List as Page Selector to Dashboard and either:
    • Select the name of the dashboard to which you want to publish the list.
      The dashboard opens in Dashboard Designer and displays the list.
    • Select New Dashboard.
      Follow the steps to publish to a new dashboard.
  4. Optionally, rearrange the dashboard elements:
    • To move a dashboard element, select it, then click and drag the blue Move handle to position it.
    • To resize a dashboard element, hover over the bottom right-hand corner of the element until an arrow displays. Click and drag the arrow to expand or contract.
      Note: You can resize all dashboard elements except actions, processes, page selectors, and list subsets.
  5. If the dashboard toolbar is hidden, right-click the dashboard tab and select Show/hide the dashboard toolbar.
    In Anaplan Classic, select the dashboard tab.
  6. In the dashboard toolbar, either:
    • Select Save to publish and remain in Dashboard Designer.
    • Select Save & Exit to publish and view the published dashboard.