You can publish a list subset to a dashboard to enable users to assign list items to the list subset from a dashboard. The subset displays as a checkbox that you can select or deselect.

Classic dashboards are not supported for new customers. Build Apps or Pages in the User Experience instead.

You must be a workspace administrator to publish list subsets to a dashboard. You must also have a model role with access to the list that contains the subset you want to publish.

It's helpful to publish a list as a grid or as a page selector when you publish a list subset. Alternatively, publish a module view that has the list as a dimension. This enables you to select which list item you want to assign to or remove from the list subset. If you don't select a list item, any change affects the first item in the list.

To publish list subsets to a dashboard:

  1. Go to General Lists () and open the list that has the subsets you want to publish.
  2. Navigate to the Subsets tab for the list.
  3. Select the subset or subsets you want to publish.
    You can select anywhere in the row for the subset or subsets item or items you want to select. To select:
    • Multiple contiguous properties, select one, then hold down shift and select another. Those line items and all the line items in between are selected.
    • Multiple noncontiguous properties, select one, then hold down Ctrl (on a PC) or Command (on a Mac). Each additional property you select adds to the selection until you release Ctrl or Command.
  4. Select the View menu.
  5. Select Publish to Selected Subsets to Dashboard and either:
    • Select the name of the dashboard to which you want to publish the properties.
      The dashboard opens in Dashboard Designer and displays the properties.
    • Select New Dashboard.
      Follow the steps to publish to a new dashboard.
  6. Optionally, rearrange the dashboard elements:
    • To move a dashboard element, select it, then click and drag the blue Move handle to position it.
    • To resize a dashboard element, hover over the bottom right-hand corner of the element until an arrow displays. Click and drag the arrow to expand or contract.
      Note: You can resize all dashboard elements except actions, processes, page selectors, and list subsets.
  7. If the dashboard toolbar is hidden, right-click the dashboard tab and select Show/hide the dashboard toolbar.
    In Anaplan Classic, select the dashboard tab.
  8. In the dashboard toolbar, either:
    • Select Save to publish and remain in Dashboard Designer.
    • Select Save & Exit to publish and view the published dashboard.