The Compare and Synchronize process provides a mechanism for moving the latest structural changes from a source model to a target model.

To learn more about how the Compare and Synchronize process works and which models are compatible, see The Compare and Synchronize process.

Before you start, check that the source model is prepared for synchronization. Make sure that:

We recommend that you copy and archive the target model before synchronizing changes for the first time. However, if the synchronization is unsuccessful the target model reverts back to the state it had before the synchronization.

To ensure the target model remains valid, the order in which your changes apply may vary, and depends on the nature of the changes.

Note: Remember that production data isn't included in the synchronization process.

To Compare and Synchronize changes:

  1. Select your name at the top-right and select Manage Models.
  2. In Model Management, select a Target Model, then select Compare/Sync.
    The Compare/Sync button is only available if the current workspace contains at least one source model that's structurally compatible with the selected target model. The chosen target model must have at least one revision tag.
  3. Select the model you want to use as the source model, then select Next.
    The Models to Compare table lists all models that you can synchronize changes from. A model is only listed in the table if it's structurally compatible with the target model and contains at least one revision tag that's more recent than the latest revision tag in the target model.
    The Workspace list shows workspaces that contain at least one compatible source model. If the target model is in a workspace that's assigned to a single sign-on (SSO) server, only workspaces in the same SSO server are shown.
  4. Select a revision tag from those available in the source model, then select Next.
    The Revision Tags table lists all revision tags that were added since the source model was last synchronized with the target model.
  5. Review the high-level summary of net differences between the target and the source model.
  6. If you want to view a comprehensive summary of the settings and model components that have been added and modified in the source model, select Download Full Comparison Report.
    This downloads a tab-delimited text (.txt) file that you can open in a spreadsheet.
  7. Select Preview Synchronize.
  8. On the Synchronize Models dialog, review the updates that will be made to the target model.
  9. To leave the target model online, deselect the Take the target model offline checkbox.
  10. To start the synchronization process, select Confirm Synchronize.
    Once started, the synchronization process can't be canceled.
  11. Wait while the synchronization process completes.
    How long the synchronization process takes to complete depends on the amount of data to be moved and whether the target model is already open.
  12. If the sync completes successfully, a success message is displayed.
  13. Select OK to return to the Model Management dialog.