If you've been working on improvements to a development model and find that a hotfix is required in your production model (such as an object that needs to be added, deleted, reordered, or renamed) this procedure will enable you to apply the hotfix without impacting on your development improvements.

Both models must be structurally compatible. For details, see the Compare and Synchronize process.

It’s a two-stage process:

Stage 1

Roll the development model back to a version that doesn’t contain any changes (is the same as production) and apply the hotfix to that version.

  1. Save a new revision of the development model, and make a note of the History ID of the last structural change (visible immediately before the entry for the new revision).
  2. On the development model, use History to restore to a point where development and production were identical (before any changes were made in development).
  3. Apply the hotfix.
  4. Save a new revision of the development model.
  5. Sync the development model with the production model.

Production now has its hotfix.

Stage 2

Restore the changes to development and apply the hotfix.

  1. On the development model, find the correct History ID that contains all the development work (minus the hotfix), and restore to that version.
  2. If required, apply the hotfix to this version of development.
    In some cases the development work may already incorporate the hotfix changes, and no further action is required.
  3. Create a new revision of the development model.

Development is now restored to the latest version, with the hotfix changes applied.

When your development work is complete, you can synchronize the changes to production.