Configure what character types users can enter when using a form. Use this option to ensure they enter data in the correct format.

You can configure only the character types that users can enter for the Name field and text-formatted list properties or line items.

You can use the validation rule Field is required on all fields types except Boolean.

To configure character types:

  1. Open your page in designer mode. Click in the toolbar.
  2. Choose from where you want to change your form.
    • For an action in an action card's menu, click Configure actions in the menu
    • For an action button in the action card, click the action card's Edit icon
    • For actions on a worksheet page toolbar, click the Configure worksheet actions button.
  3. Click the Manage tab.
    A list of actions displays.
  4. Click the ellipsis to the right of the form you want to configure, then choose Edit.
    The Form designer displays.
  5. Hover your cursor over the field you want to configure, then click the cog icon in the top-right.
    The Configure field panel displays.
  6. Under Validation rules, toggle right Field is required to require that users cannot leave the field blank.
    A required field displays on a form with a red asterisk after the field name, and Submit is enabled when the user completes all required fields in the form.
  7. Use the other toggles under Validation rules to determine what character types are usable in the selected field. Toggle right to permit entry of that character type, and toggle left to prevent it. The options are:
    • Whitespace, which enables entry of spaces and tabs;
    • Lowercase letters (a-z), which enables entry of lowercase letters;
    • Uppercase letters (A-Z), which enables entry of uppercase letters;
    • Numbers (0-9), which enables entry of numbers; and
    • Special characters, which, if selected, displays two radio buttons:
      • All special characters, which enables entry of all special characters; and
      • Hyphens '-' and Underscores '_' only, which enables entry of hyphens and underscores only.
The Form designer window. In the Validation Rules panel, several options have been toggled, limiting the characters that can be entered into the Name field on the form.
  1. When you've configured the character types that users can enter for a form, click Update.

The updated form is available for users when you Publish the page.