Connect to a Google Big Query dataset to integrate with your Anaplan model.

There's a limit of 3GB data volume for integrations when you use CloudWorks with BigQuery. You can also view Introduction to tables to understand table limitations. At a minimum, the following BigQuery permissions are required:

  • roles/bigquery.jobUser
  • roles/bigquery.User
  • roles/bigquery.dataViewer role on the table or the whole dataset
  • roles/bigquery.dataEditor role on the table or the whole dataset

These required permissions are to load or edit table data, or to overwrite a table.

See BigQuery required permissions .

  1. Select Connections from the menu. 
  2. Select New connection.
    The Connect to a service dialog displays. 
The Connect to a service dialog. The dropdown choices are Amazon S3, Azure Blob,Google BigQuery, PlanIQ, Salesforce and Predictive Insights.
  1. Select Google BigQuery. 
    The dialog menu expands below.
  2. Complete the dialog entries:
    • Enter a new Connection name. Use a unique name of up to 60 characters that starts and ends with a letter or number. Letters used must be in the Latin alphabet . You can include spaces, hyphens (-), and underscores (_), but no other special characters.
    • Go to your Google Big Query Account and log in as the primary user.
    • Retrieve your Google Big Query Service Account JSON and copy it into the field below.
      Note: Paste in the entire JSON.
    • Enter the Dataset.
    • Check the box next to the statement: I understand that by entering my credentials here, they will be stored in the US. (This is only pertinent to United States credentials.)
  3. Select Connect to save the settings for this connection.
Connect to service dialog for a Google BigQuery, new connection.
Connect to service dialog for a Google BigQuery, new connection.