New Modeling Experience provides a clear and intuitive way to set up and use time ranges in a model. You can manage time ranges in Time , in the model settings bar.

Workspace Administrator can create Time Ranges. Time Ranges are created in the Time Ranges tab of the Time area and the model cannot be in a Deployed mode.

Name Time Ranges

When naming a time range, you can follow the guidance in Name conventions.

The Time Range name is visible to users when they access Pivot.

Time range length

The length of a time range is set in fiscal years. The Start Period is the first year in the time range, so a time range that starts in FY2018 with a length of 1 year will span FY2018 only. You can select any year within the system constraints (1981 to 2078) as the start period. If the start period is FY1981, the time range can have a maximum of 98 years; but only one year if the start period is FY2078.


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