Extend Anaplan with MS Office and Google Sheets add-ons

Anaplan for Microsoft 365

Use Anaplan for Microsoft 365 to access your Anaplan card data in Microsoft 365.

Excel Add-in Series 4

Use Anaplan's series 4 Excel Add-in to access data from Anaplan modules and saved views in Microsoft Excel.

PowerPoint Add-in Series 1

Use the Anaplan PowerPoint Add-in to retrieve data from Anaplan saved views into Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Anaplan Add-on for Google Sheets

Use Anaplan Add-on for Google Sheets to create a connection between an Anaplan module and a Google worksheet.

Download and install the Excel Add-in

Download and install the latest version of the Excel Add-in to benefit from the latest functionality.


This page contains key resources that you can use to enable additional functionality in Anaplan.