This page contains key resources that you can use to enable additional functionality in Anaplan.

Microsoft add-ins

Anaplan Excel Add-in Series 4

Use the Anaplan series 4 Excel Add-in to access data from Anaplan modules and saved views in Microsoft Excel. Files created in any Series 4 version of the add-in work with all other Series 4 versions.

Download and install the Anaplan Excel Add-in for both 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Office:

Note: The MSI files are for IT administrators or advanced users, for single or multiple deployments. Download the EXE file if the Excel Add-in is for individual use only.

During installation you may be prompted to install additional Microsoft Windows components. 

Anaplan PowerPoint Add-in Series 1

Download the Anaplan PowerPoint Add-in for both 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Office:

PowerPoint Add-in 1.8

Note: Ensure you meet the requirements before you install. The PowerPoint Series 1 add-in is an MSI file.

Anaplan Connect (API client)

The Anaplan Connect API client provides a command-line interface that enables the Anaplan administrator to automate Anaplan imports, exports, and other actions.


Anaplan Connect v.4.2.1  (see Anaplan Connect User Guide v4.2.1 )


Anaplan Connect v.4.1.0  (see Anaplan Connect User Guide v4.1.0 )

Japanese version: Anaplan Connect User Guide v3.0.0  

Google Sheets Add-on

The Anaplan Google Sheets Add-on creates a connection between an Anaplan module and a Google worksheet. The add-on enables you to work with your Anaplan data in Google Sheets.

Install the Google Sheets Add-on via the Add-ons menu in Google Sheets.  

Map Chart Regions & Codes

Download Map Chart Regions and Codes for use with Map Charts. After you download, the map data is in CSV format. See Map Charts.


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