1. Administration and security
  2. Administration
  3. Self Service SAML
  4. Add a new identity provider connection
  5. Specify the workspaces

Anaplan enables single sign-on  (SSO) implementations at the workspace level. Specify the workspaces in your tenant that will use your identity provider (IdP) connection for SSO.

To specify a workspace for your SSO instance:

  1. In the Workspaces tab, specify the workspaces that will use the identity provider. Options are:
    • All Workspaces
    • Selected Workspaces
      Select the appropriate workspaces from the drop-down list.
  2. Click Save.
The Workspaces tab in the Single Sign-On feature. One workspace is designated for the HumanResources connection.  This connection is enabled.

Note: Workspace connections are unique. If you have another connection already configured with a workspace, you cannot associate that workspace with a new connection.
To access the original connection and update it, remove the workspace from the connection and then reassociate it with the new connection.


We may update our documentation occasionally, but will only do so in a way that does not negatively affect the features and functionality of the Anaplan service.