Anaplan for Microsoft 365 is available for browser and desktop versions of Microsoft 365. You can install it from the Add-ins menu in Microsoft 365.

Note: If your organisation has disabled the Microsoft Add-in store to users, ask your IT team to add the Anaplan for Microsoft 365 add-in to your company catalog from the Microsoft Admin Center . Once the add-in has been added, log in from Excel, Word, or PowerPoint. For details of how to deploy the add-in, read this page in Microsoft's technical documentation.

If you no longer need the add-in, you can uninstall it.

To install the add-in:

  1. Open a Microsoft 365 Excel, Word, or PowerPoint document either through your browser or through the desktop application.
  2. From the Insert tab, select:
    • Office Add-ins in a browser.
    • Get Add-ins in a desktop application.
  3. From the dialog box, search for and select Anaplan for Microsoft 365 from the Store tab.
    If your add-in access is managed by an IT administrator, select Anaplan for Microsoft 365 from the Admin Managed tab.
  4. Select Add.
    A popup box requests you agree to the License terms and Privacy policy.
  5. Select Continue.
    You can now access the add-in through the Anaplan sidebar on the right-hand side.
Access the Add-ins menu from a browser.
Access the Add-ins menu from a desktop application.

If your internet browser can access the internet via your proxy, the add-in also can. This is because the add-in is loaded in an embedded browser within the Microsoft 365 application. This means all traffic from the add-in is treated as web browser traffic.

The embedded browser used depends on:

  • The operating system you use.
  • Which version of the operating system you use.
  • Whether you use Microsoft 365 through a browser or the desktop application.

Learn more about which browser Microsoft 365 uses here.