Use the Anaplan for Microsoft 365 sidebar to access features and manage your cards. 

From Menu , you can:

  • Select Settings to preserve Excel formulas after refresh. 
  • Select Help to:
    • Access Anapedia and Anaplan Community.
    • Contact support.
    • Repeat the add-in onboarding. 
  • Select What's New to view new features
  • Select Share feedback to:
    • Provide feedback.
    • Vote for ideas you think should be added to the add-in.
    • Find out how you can participate in a user research program. 
  • Select About to view the version you're using. 
  • Review the Terms and conditions .
  • Select Remap card template to remap cloned card templates to other cards. 

You do not need to sign in to the add-in to access Menu .

On the Templates tab, you can use the toolbar to:

  • Update to retrieve the latest cards from the card template library.
  • Apply a Card Filter to filter your list of cards by tenant, workspace, and model. 
  • Search for a card template. 

On the Cards in Document tab, you can use the toolbar to:

  • Group cards by tenant or tenant name, model, card type or name, or by your cards location in your document.
  • Sort your cards alphabetically. 
  • Remove Cards from your document. 
  • Update your list of cards to reflect what's in your document. 

On the Cards in Document tab, you can select a card and use Card Actions to:

  • View a card Overview or change the card details that display in your sheet. 
  • In Excel, navigate to the sheet where the card is used. 
  • Resize a card inserted as an image. 
  • Clone a connection.
  • Remove the card from your document. 
  • Convert cards to read-only or read-write, depending on your access privileges