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  2. Anaplan for Microsoft 365
  3. Use the Anaplan sidebar

Use the Anaplan sidebar to navigate around and access the features of the Anaplan for Microsoft 365 Add-in.

The Anaplan for Microsoft 365 Add-on is in early access (EA). It's only available to participants of the EA program.

Find out more about early access or how to register your interest in our current EA programs.

Sidebar optionsFunction


When you select this, a new pane displays within the sidebar.


Select to display links or options to:

  • Anapedia.
  • The Anaplan Community.
  • Contact Support.
  • Repeat the introductory guidance within the add-in.

What's New

A link to an Anaplan Community page with information about the latest releases for the add-in.

Share feedback

Select to:

  • Provide feedback about the add-in.
  • Vote for ideas you think should be added to the add-in.
  • Find out how you can participate in a user research program.


Displays your version number for the add-in.

Terms and conditions

Displays the terms and conditions about the use of Anaplan technology.

Sign Out

Sign out of the add-in.

Share feedback

The Share feedback icon is a speech bubble that contains an exclamation point.

Select this from the sidebar to submit feedback about the add-in.

Contact support

The Contact support icon is a circle that contains a question mark.

Select to this to open an email template in your default email client. Fill out the questions to provide Support with the information they need to help you.
TemplatesSelect the Templates tab to view all card templates in Anaplan's card template library. The cards you can see depend on the current tenant you are signed into.  
Cards in DocumentThe Cards in Document tab lists all the cards you've added to your Office 365 document.
Other icons

A number of other icons display in the Anaplan sidebar. You can use these to manage your cards, or customize the data within them.

The icons that display change based on what you currently have open. If you have:

The Templates tab open, you can Filter or Update the list of cards.

The Cards in Document tab open, you can Group, Sort, or Update the list of cards.

A card open, you can Refresh the card.


We may update our documentation occasionally, but will only do so in a way that does not negatively affect the features and functionality of the Anaplan service.