Insert cards from the Anaplan UX to work with Anaplan data in Microsoft 365. Customize your cards to display the data you need.

Once you sign in, you can sort, group, or filter to find cards from the card template library in the Anaplan UX.

You can then insert your card as an image, or insert your card's underlying data if you are in Excel. Before you insert your card, change its context selectors to select relevant data.

For cards that are already in your document, you can: 

  • Refresh to pull the latest data from Anaplan.
  • Send and refresh to update Anaplan with new data.
  • Change context selectors from the Cards in Document tab.

Learn how to install, add cards to a document, navigate the add-in, and send and refresh data here

Subsidiary views are not supported in Anaplan for Microsoft 365.