Use Select Levels to show, to change the display of columns or rows that have hierarchies or are flat lists with with a summary item.  

Level selections cannot be made if:

  • The row or column is Time or Versions.
  • You do not have columns or rows. 

To make level based selections:

  1. Select rows or columns and then right-click and choose Select Levels to show from the dropdown menu. 
  2. The name of each list in the hierarchy is displayed and selected.
    Note: Up to 10 levels are shown as an indented list. Beyond 10, the levels are listed.
  3. Deselect the checkbox or the levels you want to hide and select OK.

After you've applied a level selection, the Reselect Levels option displays instead of Select Levels to show. If you choose Reselect Levels it displays exactly the same behavior as the Select Levels to Show dialog.

You can also apply other Hide and Show options at any point before or after a level selection.


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