In a module or classic dashboard, use Show or Hide options to create nested axis selections.

The image below shows a nested row. Sales is the outermost dimension and list item Bonus % is an innermost dimension. Only three lists can be nested. 

Employees drivers module with nested axis

With a nested axis, you can use Show and Hide options to create:

  • Independent selections, where an inner list item is shown for each outer dimension. See the images below for an example. 
  • Ragged selections, where you can choose which outer dimensions you want to show. All the child items of the outer dimension also show. When selecting non-contiguous items, the order in which you select them sets the display order. See the images below for an example.

When creating a new view with nested rows or columns, it's best practice to:

  • Work systematically from the outer dimension to the innermost dimension. This removes the potential to inadvertently display information that was hidden in an inner dimension.
  • Not mix Hide and Show options at the same level. This can also show unexpected results. 

If you realize you've made a mistake, it's often quicker to reset the module view with Show All, rather than unpick how the view was created. 

Employee drivers module
Employee Drivers module with independent selections
Employee Drivers module with ragged selections made