In a module or classic dashboard, reshow hidden columns or rows. 

There are many ways to undo a Hide option and reshow your column or row.

The quickest way is to select Show All from the menu when you select Format in the toolbar.  

If you only want to reshow a few columns or rows, and still keep some data hidden:

  1. Right-click on any column or row, or navigate to Format in the toolbar.
  2. Choose Select Items to Show from the dropdown menu.
    The All Items pane shows all the columns or rows in your module. Columns or rows that are already visible, are grayed out in the All Items pane. 
  3. Use the left and right chevrons to move the hidden columns or rows to the Items to Show pane.
    You can reorder columns or rows in the Items to Show pane. Drag them to the new location within the list. 
  4. Select Apply.

After the Apply button is selected, the Reselect Items to Show menu option displays instead of Select Items to Show. If you choose Reselect Items to Show, the Reselect Items dialog displays exactly the same behavior as the Select Items to Show dialog.

The Select Items to Show dialog does not open if the view of the data displays more than 4000 items. Where the number of items exceeds 4000, filter the view to reduce it to less than 4000 items.


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