When a workspace administrator sets up a module import they can choose to manually map source items to target items in an import. This is useful when items names are not an exact match and there are no item codes.

Only a workspace administrator can map items in an import.

Before you can map items in an import, you must map the column headers for the source to the lists that make up the rows, columns, and pages in the target module. This determines the items from the source model that display in the tabs for the target lists.

In order to manually map line items, the line items must be on columns in the source.

Note: You can choose to ignore some items or all unmapped items when the import runs. Data from items you ignore does not import and so does not display as an error in the Result Summary.

To map items manually in an import:

  1. In the tab for the data you want to map, select Map items manually.
  2. Optionally, select the Match button to automatically match any items that have the same name.
  3. Select the source item you want to map in the table on the left.
  4. Select the target item you want to map to from the list on the right.
    Items unavailable to map display in gray and are disabled.

If you want to unmatch any item, select the item and then select Clear.

To unmatch all items, select Clear All.

You can then either select Run Import, select OK to save your import for later, or continue mapping the other columns.