Model builders can import into numbered lists from external sources, such as a CSV file.

Create or convert any numbered lists you might need in General Lists in the model settings bar.

To import into a numbered list, you must first set up the import. Once you have set up the import, you can then map the list items.

When you import into numbered lists, the mapping process differs to standard lists.

For example, you must map the Code property to unique identifiers in your source data. If your list contains product SKUs, you can use them to identify the list items you want to import. Refer to the table below for a description of each mapping property.

Property in listDescription
List name (For example, #Products)You must ensure that this field is empty. When the import is in progress, unique identifiers are created for each list item.
ParentMap to the column that identifies the parent list. For example, Column 4: Product type.

Map to the column that contains unique identifiers in your source data. For example, Column 2: Product SKU.

Note: Do not include hash symbols (#) at the beginning of codes in your source data.

Display name

Map to the column that contains the name of each list item. For example, Column 1: Product.

Learn more in Create display names in numbered lists.

When the mapping is complete, select Code as the unique identification method, then select Run Import.

Warning: When you import new list items into a numbered list, it's important that you do not select Name (#ID) as the unique identification method. Name (#ID) refers to the unique identifier that is created for each list item when the import is in progress. However, you can map on Code or Name if you want to edit existing list items.

If the import does not recognise a code, a new list item is created with the next available unique identifier. 

You can import codes from external sources into existing list items in a numbered list. Codes must be unique.

When you define the mapping, map the unique identifiers created by the import to the List name property. Map the unique identifiers from the source data to the Code property, then select Name (#ID) as the unique identification method.

When the import is complete, each list item in the numbered list updates with a new code.