When you import data, you must map the columns and items in the source to columns and items in the target grid. This ensures that the data imports successfully and displays as you expect.

Note: When you import from a file on a dashboard you do not need to map data. The workspace administrator who creates the import does this when they create it. However, you must upload a file that matches the import mapping.

When a workspace administrator sets up a file import, they map the import after they set the file options.

In a model-to-model import, the workspace administrator maps the source data to the target data after they select the list, module, or saved view from which they want to import.

In a list importIn a module import
Map the source columns you want to import to relevant columns in the list grid view.Map the source columns you want to import to the relevant target dimensions and line items.

Map source items to list items.

In a hierarchical list, list items map automatically based on your selection of unique identifier, such as Names or Codes. Any items that do not map automatically do not import.

If you import line item values, you must map source items to line item values.

Values may match automatically on names or codes. You can choose to manually map items in a module import and to ignore items that do not match.

Note: If the line items are on rows in a source file, they must exactly match the line item names in the target module in order to map correctly. In order to manually map line items, the line items must be on columns in the source.

If you import data with a date format, you can map the data to the model timescale, as long as you format the target list property with the Date format.To import source data that contains date values to the Time dimension, you must map the module import data to the timescale.

Note: If you map a list import on Name or code, or set a module import to Match on names or codes, the import tries to match items from the source file based on code first, then based on name.