Open a personal page to view and customize its data to suit your needs.

You can open a personal page from: the contents screen in your My Pages area, the My Pages category in the app contents, and the navigation toolbar on a published page.

  1. Locate the page name in the Name column of your My Pages contents.
Name column in My Pages area.
  1. Click the page name.
    The personal page opens in the current tab.

Personal pages display in the My Pages category on the app contents screen in which they were created.

They never display in any other app contents.

  1. Open the app containing the personal page.
My Pages category on the app contents screen. Two page titles are displayed: Salary-Value Comparison and Sales by Office.
  1. Select the personal page from the My Pages category in the app contents.
    The personal page opens in the current tab.
  1. In the top-left of a page, click the Categories dropdown.
  2. Click My Pages.
Navigation toolbar with the My Pages dropdown displayed and the SKU by Region page selected.
  1. Select the personal page.
    The personal page opens in the current tab.