Create a personal page so that you can display and customize data sourced from modules.

A personal page can be a new page you've created, or a copy you've made of an existing page.

You can create personal pages in an app or your My Pages area. You can use card templates and create as many personal pages as you like. 

You cannot add actions or create card templates. 

To create a page:

  1. Select Create a page in the top right of either the app contents or your My Pages area.
  2. Choose a page layout type.
    Use boards to deliver high-level information for instant consumption.
    Use worksheets to display large volumes of data for analysis and editing.
  3. Enter a Page name.
  4. Select the Workspace that contains the model you want to use. 
  5. Select the Model that contains the data you want to display.
  6. Select Create.
    Your personal page opens in designer mode.
    From here, you can add cards that present your data in different formats.
    Learn how to add cards to a board or worksheet.