The My Pages feature enables you to create personal pages from both your My Pages area and the app contents. You can also personalize copies of existing pages from the apps you have access to.

This reduces the need for page builders to configure and provide data for you.

If you're a workspace administrator, you can disable My Pages for particular models. When you disable this feature, your model users will not be able to create pages or cards for these models.

Only you can see your My Pages area.

The home screen for My Pages.

My Pages is supported on mobile.

You can create personal pages to suit your needs.

A personal page can be a board or worksheet.

Other users cannot access your personal page. If you're a page builder, you can use Convert to an app page in the menu.

Changes to a personal page have no effect on pages that belong to other users.

Deleted apps

When you delete an app, its links to personal pages are optionally retained, in case you later want to restore the deleted app.

Read the following to learn more about deleting apps:


Personal pages, like regular pages, are designed to contain cards, which you can:

  • create, based on data from models you have access to, and
  • select from the template library, where cards are stored after configuration by a page builder.

Card templates enable you to display important information without needing to understand its underlying structure.

You can also configure the data display on cards to present information in an easily-understandable way.

Further information

Read the following to learn how to personalize your My Pages area:


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