You can create personal pages with My Pages to display data from Anaplan models. A personal page can be a new worksheet or board page, or a copy of an existing worksheet or board.

You can open My Pages from any screen in Anaplan. Next to the Home , select the navigation bar, then select My Pages. Personal pages can be accessed from: 

  • The contents screen in your My Pages area. 
  • The My Pages category in app contents.  
  • The navigation toolbar on a published page.  

To create a personal page:

  1. Select Create a page.
  2. Select a Page layout. You can select:
    • Boards to deliver high-level information. 
    • Worksheets to display large volumes of data for analysis.
  3. Enter a Page name.
  4. Select a Workspace and Model.
  5. Select Create board or Create worksheet to open your personal page in designer mode.

You can add cards to present your data. Learn how to add cards to a board or worksheet.

Note: You can't add actions or create card templates on personal pages. However, you can add existing card templates from the template library. 

To create a personal copy of a page, select Page options > Save personal copy. The personal copy opens allowing you to modify it without changing the original. For example, you can filter the view differently or add a new chart.  

When you save the page, its default title contains the copy number. For example, Product Sales by Region (My Page 1). Use descriptive, unique page titles between 3-60 characters long..  

To rename a page:  

  1. Hover over the page and select Edit
  2. Enter a Page title
  3. Select Save
  4. Select Close to close the dialog.  

To favorite personal pages and access them from the Quick Access sidebar, select Favorite .

You can create as many personal pages as you want. It’s best practice to delete pages that contain data that’s no longer relevant to your needs. This helps free up space in My Pages

To delete a page, select Options for this page <icon-ads ellipsis / > Delete, then select Delete again.