In Anaplan, a page builder with workspace administrator role can remove roles from multiple pages in a single action.

By default, all users with access to the source model have access to a page. As a workspace administrator, you can restrict access through the Manage access option in an app. On the Manage access screen, the Manage drop-down, in the top-right corner of the screen, allows you to remove access to multiple pages in a single action.

A source model must already contain user roles. See more information on model roles and how to assign them. If no roles have been created in the model, you will not be able to restrict access to the page.

You can also restrict access to a page from within the page itself. See Restrict access to a page.

  1. From the Apps screen, select the app for which you want to manage access.
  2. In the Manage this app () dropdown menu, select Manage access.
    The Manage access screen displays.
  3. In the top right-hand corner of the screen, select the Manage option.
    A drop-down list displays the available bulk management actions.
  4. Select Remove access.
    The Remove access dialog displays. This dialog is divided into two panes: Choose roles to remove and Select pages. The Select pages pane is grayed out until a selection is made in Choose roles to remove.
  5. Under Choose roles to remove, use the drop-down to pick the source model which contains the roles you wish to remove from the page.
    A list of roles displays based on the selected model. If a model has no roles, no roles will display for the selected model.
  6. Check the roles you want to remove from a page or, optionally, select all roles by checking the Select all option.
    The right-hand Select pages pane displays a list of pages which support the selected roles.
  7. On the right-hand Select pages pane select the pages from which you wish to remove access. Check each page or, optionally, select all pages by checking the Select all option.
  8. Press Remove access to apply your assignments.