In Anaplan, a page builder with workspace administrator role can manage access to multiple pages at once, from a single point of access.

By default, all your users have access to a page. If you're a workspace administrator and page builder, you can manage which user roles have access to which pages within an app.

This allows you to restrict access to pages based on your own criteria, usually on a departmental, or hierarchical level. For example, you want to restrict HR-related pages to HR staff, in order to ensure the confidentiality of specific payroll details. In another scenario, you may want to restrict access to bonus pay-outs information, to people with high-level roles.

Bulk management of role-based access offers a single centralized view to:

  • additively assign multiple roles to multiple pages
  • remove multiple roles from multiple pages
  • overwrite existing permissions to multiple pages

This management can be done as a bulk action opening the Manage this app menu and selecting Manage access, from within an app. However, you can only restrict or enable access to pages within an app if the underlying source model contains user roles.

You can also restrict access at page level, via the Restrict access tab in Page settings