Use reports to view or present focused visualizations and relevant data, to show compelling narratives for executive stakeholders to drive decisions.

As a finance analyst, you need to analyze data and summarize key patterns, exceptions, and outliers. You also need to perform variance analysis on granular areas. For example, regions, products, and cost centers. This kind of analysis enables them to identify potential revenue loss or causes of missed targets.

You can use an Anaplan report to present findings and narratives to executives, and use formatting to emphasize key points.

As a vice president of sales, you need to regularly review consistently formatted management reports, to review sales performance and compare actuals to forecasts.

You can use an Anaplan report to present forecasts that track projected performance and revenue targets, with a consistent look and feel. You can then use the report in regular communications to your board.

Reports offer structured sets of slides with formatting options and a free-form layout designer.

Page builders can configure reports to show data, visualizations, and formatted elements.

Where context selectors have been allowed by the page builder, all users can change the context of the view to find relevant data. For example, when you change region or product group, the report updates accordingly.

You can present reports full-screen, export reports to a PDF file, and make a personal page from a report.