Pages display as either boards or worksheets, which are interactive layouts that contain data from Anaplan models.

Page builders design pages to help you carry out data analysis and manipulation. They can also add visualizations to pages to help you understand the meaning of your data.

Pages are stored in apps, where they're grouped within categories created by the page builder. 

To favorite a page from the app contents screen, select Add this page to your favorites . The Quick Access sidebar updates to display the number of pages in the Favorites category.

To favorite a page from the page itself, select Add this page to your favorites .

On the app contents screen, the Quick Access sidebar shows links to the pages you viewed most recently and to the Apps that contain pages. Your page builder can create categories within an app. 

To jump to your most recently viewed pages, select Most recent

To jump to a category, under Categories and select a category. 

Any pages without a category are listed under Uncategorized.

To return to the previous page, select the back arrow on the top-left, next to the page name. 

You can also find and select this page through the top-left navigation tabs.