Use reports to view or present focused visualizations and relevant data, to show compelling narratives for executive stakeholders to drive decisions.

With a report, you can analyze data and summarize key patterns, exceptions, and outliers. You can also perform variance analysis on granular areas, such as regions or products.  

Context selectors display in the toolbar, and control the global context for data on a page. If your page builder has enabled context selectors, you can change the view to find relevant data. For example, when you change the region or product group, the report automatically updates. When you change the view, the context selectors apply when you present or export a report.

Your page builder can unsynchronize cards from the global context to fix them to a specific context. For example, a card can be fixed to display all regions and doesn't change when you change the global context. 

When you’re ready to present your report, make sure you’re connected to Anaplan, and select Present   to display your report slides full screen. Use your keyboard to switch between slides.  

Your presentation displays the current global context. To change the context in presentation mode, select from the context selectors at the top-right of the screen, or select elements within cards.  

To exit the presentation, press the Esc key.

If enabled by your page builder, you can export your report as a PDF file, with a page for each slide.  

You can export reports with up to 300 slides, but large reports take longer to export. For a quicker export, select a smaller number of slides.

Note: Only publicly accessible images display in an exported PDF. The URL must begin with https://, and the referenced image type must be .PNG, .JPG, .JPEG, or .GIF.

To export a report:

  1. Open a report and select Export to PDF > Export.
  2. In the Export PDF dialog, you can select:
    • Page selectors from the context selectors. Where context selectors are used more than once in the report, only one context selector displays.
    • For Slides, select All or Selected. If you select Selected, enter the slide numbers in the text box. For example, specify a:
      •  Range (1–5)
      • List (8, 11, 14–17) 
  3. Select Export PDF.

The PDF contains data from the time of export, and is available for 24 hours after you generate it.