Boards display data from Anaplan models and help you analyze your data. A board can contain configurable cards and interactive components.  

Boards are based on a source model chosen by your page builder. Individual cards on a board show data from different modules and views in a source model. You can enter data in editable fields, change the way the data is displayed, and run actions, depending on card types and how they're configured.  

Data on boards can be updated. For example, other users may be editing or entering data while you're viewing the board. To make sure you have the latest data, select Refresh this page

Context selectors display in the top-right of a worksheet. Individual values for the dimension display in a dropdown. Cards can have their own context selectors, which function independently. If configured by your page builder, these selectors can synchronize with choices made on the top-right selectors. When you hover over a card, context selectors outline in blue.

To export an image of a board in a PDF, select Page options > Export PDF

The export copies what displays in your browser. For example, if scrollbars display on grids in your browser, they also display in your PDF. You cannot select and copy text from the PDF.  

Images from image cards only display if the image hosting service supports Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). Most file storage sites support CORS. If your image host doesn't support CORS, a white square displays on your PDF in place of the image.